Zew NanoLift Adhesive Bra ✨

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Do you ever get annoyed with saggy breasts? Our adhesive bra with front drawstring has been designed to offer more comfort and support compared to regular bras.

It’s time to find a solution that takes care of this common issue and gives your breasts the lift they deserve.

Forget Embarrassing Sweet

– Giselle, Lyon, France

“I wore the BRAS™ Zew NanoLift Adhesive Bra under a tight dress for a date night and felt incredibly confident! It improved my sagging situation, giving a firmer appearance and a more pronounced cleavage. The adhesive design is super convenient, eliminating any hassles with straps or clasps. It’s very comfortable for all-day wear. Highly recommend!”

– Vivienne, Denver, USA

“After using the BRAS™ Zew NanoLift Adhesive Bra for a couple of weeks, I was honestly amazed. It gave me the support and comfort and I actually noticed my bust size getting bigger. You can’t even tell I’m wearing it under clothes. My breasts look fuller and firmer now, and that’s made me feel a lot more confident.”

Discover the Magic of BRAS™ NanoLift Adhesive Bra!

Elevate your confidence and comfort with our cutting-edge bras, engineered to provide superior lift and support. Its clasp-free, adhesive design ensures a seamless and natural lookcombat sagging, enhances your natural shape

What Makes BRAS™ Zew NanoLift Adhesive Bra Special?

✨ Quick Breast Boost and Full Coverage Support

Our bra offers instant breast lift, providing you with a more lifted and enhanced bustline immediately upon wearing.

Adjustable design

This unique feature allows for easy adjustment and immediate enhancement of your bust, providing a perfect fit and a beautifully uplifted silhouette with just a simple pull.

✨Cleavage Boost

The BRAS™ NanoLift Adhesive Bra lifts and stabilizes your breasts with its wireless design, giving you a perkier appearance and deeper cleavage.

✨Enhance Bust Size Naturally

Increase your breast size with the BRAS™ Zew NanoLift Adhesive Bra. Crafted using breakthrough ZEW technology, this bra is not merely a supportive undergarment; it’s a natural solution for enhancing size.

✨ Unlocking the Secret: ZEW Technology  

Advanced ZEW technology (Zonal Encapsulation Weaving technology), BRAS Zew NanoLift incorporates natural breast-enhancing like Pueraria Mirifica, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Sea Algae Extract, and Peptides compounds into microcapsules, woven directly into the fabric

When friction occurs between skin and fabric, these compounds are gently released, delivering essential nutrients directly to the breast tissue, aiding in breast enlargement and enhancing firmness.

✨ Superior Adhesive Bra

Ultra-soft with an adhesive, body-hugging design. Our Zew NanoLift  Bra features superior adhesive properties for a secure and comfortable fit all day long

✨ No Back Fat: Supreme Comfort

The BRAS™ NanoLift Adhesive Bra feature a unique design that eliminates the appearance of back fat, with no digging or pinching, you can enjoy all-day comfort without worrying about unsightly bulges or rolls

Here are some of our happy customers

– Cordelia, Seattle, USA

“I’ve been using the BRAS Zew NanoLift Adhesive Bra for over a month and I’m amazed. It’s comfortable, provides a natural lift, and my bust looks firmer and better. The natural ingredients like Pueraria Mirifica make it feel safe to wear. Definitely a game-changer for anyone wanting a natural bust boost!” 

– Anastasia, Dublin, Ireland

“Without a doubt, I can confirm that it works!! Because of my small breasts, I have always been afraid to pursue the men I like. I always felt inferior because of my size. However, after using BRAS Zew NanoLift Adhesive Bra, it totally changed them. After only 6 days of use, I can not only feel but also see a significant improvement in the position of my breasts in my bra. Now able to wear last year’s swimsuit with confidence!”

Product Specifications

Material: Nylon

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL

Color Style: Black, Nude

How to use


Q1: How does the BRAS™ NanoLift enhance breast size?

A1: The BRAS™ Zew NanoLift utilizes ZEW technology to release natural enhancing compounds from microcapsules in the fabric, promoting breast enlargement and firmness.

Q2: Is it comfortable for all-day wear?

A2: Yes, it is made with a comfortable, breathable fabric that is designed for all-day wear.

Q3: Does it offer good support?

A3: Absolutely, the built-in bra provides great support while the shapewear aspect helps to smooth and shape your figure.

Q4: Can I wear it under any type of clothing?

A4: Yes, its seamless design makes it perfect to wear under any type of clothing, be it casual or formal.

Q5: Is it visible under clothing?

A5: No, the BRAS Zew NanoLift Adhesive Bra is designed to be invisible under clothing.

Q6: Does it have adjustable straps?

A6: Yes, it comes with adjustable straps for a more personalized fit.

Q7: Is it hypoallergenic?

A7: Yes, it is made with non-allergenic material to prevent skin irritations.

Q8: Can I wear this instead of a traditional bra?

A8: Absolutely, the built-in bra is designed to provide the support of a traditional bra.

Q9: Is the material stretchy?

A9: Yes, the material is stretchy to provide a comfortable fit while maintaining its shaping function.

Q10: Does it leave marks on the skin?

A10: No, it is designed to be soft and gentle on the skin, leaving no marks or indentations


1PC Nude / ❤️ $14.99, 1PC Black / ❤️ $14.99, 2PCs 🔥40% OFF🔥 (Black + Nude) / ❤️ $29.99, 2PCs 🔥40% OFF🔥(Nude*2) / ❤️ $29.99, 2PCs🔥40% OFF🔥 (Black*2) / ❤️ $29.99, 3PCs 🔥50% OFF🔥 (Nude*3) / ❤️ $39.99, 3PCs 🔥50% OFF🔥(Black*3) / ❤️ $39.99


S (75-90kg) – 26cm, M (90-105kg) – 28 cm, L (105-120 kg) – 30 cm, XL (120-135kg)- 32 cm, 2XL (135-150kg) – 34 cm


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